BUTTER GHEE - 400 gr
BUTTER GHEE - 400 gr
BUTTER GHEE - 400 gr

BUTTER GHEE - 400 gr

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Butter Ghee is a clarified milk butter (Arabic style) that is frequently used in Middle Eastern and Pakistani cuisine. It is obtained from cow's milk butter and in its process lactose is removed from milk. It is made up of healthy saturated fats.

Halal certification.

  • Ingredients: Pasteurized milk fat, added flavorings
  • Allergens: Does not contain lactose
  • Format: 400 gr


Butter Ghee Obtained from cow's milk butter. It constitutes the oily part of the butter obtained by slowly melting it in a large container.

This butter can be used in daily food, it is usually added to accompany cereals, legumes, vegetables and cooked vegetables; Also, in a solid state, it can be spread like butter, it does not contain lactose.

Expiration and storage conditions: Consume within 1 year. Store in a cool, dry place.

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