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ARAK BRUN - 700 ml

ARAK BRUN - 700 ml

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Arak Brun is an arak made and produced with 100% Lebanese grapes and anise, from the Domaine des Tourelles winery, it is an aniseed, distilled and colorless alcoholic beverage, produced in Lebanon. Its alcoholic graduation is 53%.

It is an exceptional drink that will combine perfectly with its Mediterranean dishes.

  • Ingredients: Grapes, Anis
  • Allergens: Without allergens.
  • Format: 700 ml.


The Arak, Brun Réserve Special 5 years its production has not been interrupted since the winery began in 1868. It is made with the alcohol of Obeidi and Cinsault grapes grown on the farm, harvested with optimum maturity and mixed with fresh anise. Since 2015, Domaine des Tourelles has cultivated its own anise in Deir el Ahmar, a town in the Baalbek district.

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