BARAZEK - 454 gr

Barazek is a typical cookie from Syria, Lebanon and the Middle East. They have a crunchy texture and are covered with sesame seeds, which contain very beneficial properties for health, providing iron and calcium. When it comes to tea or coffee, barazek makes the difference. Ingredients: Butter (contains glucose), sugar, wheat flour (contains gluten),...
The perfect mix of ghreibeh, barazek and mamoul together! Now you can enjoy tea or coffee with these delicious cookies made entirely by hand. With a unique flavor and a creamy texture that melt in your mouth. Made with the same recipe that our grandmothers used, its flavor will transport you to the gastronomy of the Middle Eastern. Ingredients: Wheat...

Try these delicious totally handmade Arabic sesame cookies made with the authentic traditional recipe. Find it in 110 gr and 700 gr formats.

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