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Phyllo dough or Baklawa, is a dough used in the gastronomy of the Middle East, it is used in Lebanese sweets such as Baklawa or Knafeh. They are also used to make some triangles of phyllo dough stuffed with spinach, pine nuts and cheese, typical of Greece and called Spanakopita, or to use it with the dishes that you like the most. Ingredients: Wheat...

KADAIF - 500 gr

Kadaif is a dough widely used in pastries in the Middle East and for snacks. It is ideal for preparing the traditional Kadaif ekmek dessert, but it can also be used in various dishes by wrapping the kadaif with cheese and shrimp With a crisp and fine texture, kadaif threads make nests, cylinders, flat layers, toppings or even skeins that add volume and...
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