Date Paste

DATE - 200 gr DATE - 200 gr 2
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DATE - 200 gr

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It has been more than six thousand years since it began to cultivate the date palm in Southeast Asia and North Africa, from where it spread to other hot countries. dates are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, they can be used to prepare sauces to accompany meats, or they can be eaten alone as a dessert, between meals or added to different dishes.Being...
DATE PASTE- 900 gr DATE PASTE- 900 gr 2
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DATE PASTE- 900 gr

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Date paste is an essential complement to certain Middle Eastern gastronomy desserts such as date maamoul Being rich in magnesium and calcium they help the good formation of bones and teeth. Ingredients: Dates Allergens: With Allergens Format: 900 gr

DATE SYRUP - 450 gr

With the Date Syrup you can sweeten your desserts, yogurts, smoothies or your infusions since the Syrup is a natural sweetener, dates have a large amount of sugar (gluctose, fructose and sucrose) Dates provide us with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Ingredients: Date juices, 100% natural, fruit percentage: 200 gr per 100 gr of date syrup. Allergens:...
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