The breadsticks arrived and the sesame bread sticks so that you can eat them wherever and however you want. Accompany it with a cup of coffee or tea. Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, oil, sesame, black cumin. Allergens:Contains gluten and sesame. Format: 454 gr.
Productos Mexicanos


The Mexi foods Nachos are ideal to prepare the traditional nachos with guacamole, with cheese, with beans or accompany them with different sauces. Made from corn. Suitable for celiacs Ingredients: Grain yellow corn, high oleic sunflower oil and sunflower oil, sea salt. Allergens: Allergen free Format: 400 gr
Try our freshly baked Pita chips natural flavor, they are ideal to eat with sauces, with Hummus, as an aperitif, or to snack between meals. Ingredients: Wheat Flour (Contains Gluten), Sugar, Water, Salt, Yeast, olive oil Allergens: Contains Wheat (Gluten) Format: 200 gr
Try the new roasted peanuts with sesame and honey, these delicacies are ideal to snack between meals or as a dessert with tea or coffee. Ingredients:Peanuts (contains allergens), sesame (contains allergens), honey, sugar.  Allergens: Contains Allergens Format: 250 gr

Enjoy the Snacks to accompany your meals eaten at Gourmediterranean.

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