Grape Leaves

Try the Grape Leaves in Brine are delicious and traditional of the Maghreb and Levantine, and Mediterranean gastronomy. Grape leaves are used in the kitchens of various cultures. Some of the recipes that use them are the Vietnamese Dolma, Sarma and Luop. Ingredients: Grape leaves, water, salt, citric acid E330, ascorbic acid E300. Allergens: Allergen...
Dolma is a fig leaf stuffed with spiced rice, this dish is native to Turkey, but over time it spread throughout the world. This dish is a perfect option for light dinners since it is low in calories and fat. Suitable for Vegans. Ingredients: Rice 60%, Water, 10% fig leaf, onion, soybean oil, salt, dill, citric acid, mint and black pepper. lemon juice....
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