Pita Bread

Try this delicious pita bread, freshly made, it is made with the best ingredients and WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES. It is a very light, fluffy and soft bread, this bread can be used in a wide variety of dishes for any gastronomy, with Kebabs, with Falafel, with Hummus, with vegetables and for all kinds of sandwiches. It is a perfect and healthy snack to start...
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Try our delicious Pita Bread made with the best ingredients. Pita bread is a variety of two-layer round bread originating in the Middle East that is flat and without crumbs. It is very light and you can make the best recipes for your sandwiches, with vegetables, with Kebab, with Falafel and with Fajitas. Ingredients: Wheat Flour (Contains Gluten), Sugar,...

Try our delicious Pita Bread. You can make the best Kebab dishes, Kebab with falafel, Fajitas and combine it with vegetables and salads.

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