COUSCOUS - 500 gr
COUSCOUS - 500 gr
Vegan Food
Vegan Food

COUSCOUS - 500 gr

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Couscous is made from wheat semolina, today it is a dish that is enjoyed in almost all houses since its benefits are numerous.

Couscous contains carbohydrates, a large amount of fiber, and is very low in fats. You can use it in your dishes and you will achieve a healthy and healthy diet. "Not suitablefor celiacs"

Suitable for Vegans.

  • Ingredients: Wheat semolina (Contains Gluten)
  • Allergens: Contains Wheat (Gluten)
  • Format: 500 gr.


Couscous is a dish originating in Arab cuisine, which over time spread throughout the world. There are countless recipes that can be made with it, they can be eaten with vegetables, with chicken, meat and lamb, as well as in salads or with red, white or vegetable meats. Its way of cooking is very easy and fast.

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Contains Gluten
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